Mar 06

Here’s a Quick Way to Choose Trendy Mobile Apps

Atlanta application developmentWith the rise of a variety of Atlanta application development businesses and companies, you should not be too surprised to recognize that there is also the increased popularity of a ton of mobile programs that have been deemed as some of the trendiest apps that have managed to create efficiency to a lot of daily tasks as well as provide enough means of entertainment for users. You may not be well aware of which apps are great for your device and you may even have difficulty figuring out which ones are well worth the space on your device memory, which leads to the ideal that you should consider some of the easiest ways to detect those particular applications you should consider purchasing.


Search the Device Store

Most of the devices that have come out these days have built in app stores that you can easily access to gain some of the latest applications and programs that many clamor about and a lot of what you need can easily be seen here which is why you should see to it that you get to look at those programs that you really need. When all else fails you can also connect to some of the online stores and still be able to install of the programs that you wish to include onto your device and a great thing about it is that a lot of these online resources are able to further discuss the necessary details about each of these apps.


Pick Through Feedback

There are a lot of consumers out there like you that have been able to check out and use most of the latest apps that have surfaced in the market and taking the opportunity to view what others have to say when it comes to these different mobile programs can make it a lot easier for you to recognize which ones you should purchase and include in your everyday use. Going through what others have to say is the most practical way for you to recognize just how efficient a particular app rates, as you get to consider what particular details make the program effective and you also get to identify if there are some flaws to how the app is made.


See the Reviews

On top of seeing consumer feedback you should also refer to some of the different reviews that have come out regarding these different programs, you should consider seeing some of the most reliable resources that show what particular factors make an application a great addition to your device and at the same time you also get to see any of the negative input about these programs. Getting the chance to go over these different write ups that are mostly from tech enthusiasts will greatly give you a better idea on which apps are really worth the purchase, time and energy.


Go for Personal Selections

Ultimately you should also look at some of your personal preferences when it comes to the apps that you would like to install onto your device especially since there are a good number that could help you out with your daily tasks at your workplace, in your home or even as you enjoy a few minutes of entertainment. Look through the selection of different apps and get to see that there is a big variety that you can choose from as there are even several categories that could give you the best range of programs that can easily turn your device more effective and updated.

Apr 23

How Not To Advertise Your Website

Email Marketing

Unsolicited commercial e-mail is SPAM no if, ands or buts. Don’t do it! Any form of email spam is just bad publicity and will make your website less creditable. If you plan on running an email marketing campaign be sure to make it legit and only send commercial email to visitors to your site that have signed up to receive your newletter. And don’t forget to always give them the option to opt out should they desire.

Paid Traffic
No not PPC like Google Adsense or the like. I am talking about companies that promise 1000’s of hits to your site for the low price of $3.99. These programs just don’t work. These companies usually rely on website Pop-ups or the like and traffic mostly will come from the same source. Don’t forget in general most people consider pop-ups a huge annoyance and most modern day browsers have built in pop-up blockers so you would be just wasting your money.

Traffic Exchanges
Basically you look at others sites for about 60 seconds then you press the “Next Page” button and usually enter a code. The more sites you surf the more credits you receive to have your site displayed to users like yourself. Basically everyone in the traffic exchange is in it for their own site and doesn’t really pay much attention to the sites they are surfing. Instead spend your time on something more productive like creating quality content for your own website.

Forum Spam
Nobody wants to see your website link in every post you make about some unrelated forum topic. Instead join a webmasters forum like Digital Point or Earners Forum and learn a few things about marketing properly.

Blog Spam
Just like forum spam blog spam is really just a waste of time. Besides you would just be wasting your own time on this one because all blogging platforms have some type of comment spam filtering installed or available to them. If you run WordPress I recommendAkismet.